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RIO R50 is a complete seats collection composed by dining chair and armchair, lounge armchair, swing armchair, stool and coffee table. RIO R50 has a frame in ASFORM steel tube, high quality steel with high mechanical performance and high resistance to weight. The manufcaturing process creates a strongly characterized sign, a letter R, which is identified in the junction between seat and backrest. All structural weldings are made with Mig technology which gives great resistance to stress and rust risk; meanwhile the net, composed by steel wires, is electro-welded to the frame for a more precise aesthetics. Like all EMU products, a cataphoresis pretreatment is provided and then a thermosetting powder coating treatment, which finally produces a layer of homogeneous paint in terms of thickness with an high level of adherence and resistance. Nylon feets supports make it easy to move and protect the product.

Technical Info

  • Material:  Steel
  • Collection:  Rio R50
  • Cushions for this collection: C/790 Polyester cushion
  • Additional cushions: C/714 Square magnetic cushion – C/716 Universal cushion
  • Weight: 5.6 Kg
  • Dimensions L/P/H: 53,5 x 61,5 x 83,5 cm
  • Stackable: 8
  • Static Load: 200 Kg
  • Seat Height: 45 cm


Additional information

Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 53.5 × 61.5 × 83.5 cm