The Company

The beginning

Mexil started out in the early 60’s as a small workshop founded manufacturing hand made garden furniture and metal chairs.


Today Mexil is a professional contract furniture company. More than 250 people are employed in Mexil’s 12000 m2 modern plant (located at private premises of 25000 m2), 5500 m2 warehouse (located at private premises of 8500 m2) and 8 showrooms. The corporate headquarters, showrooms and plant are situated in Thessaloniki, in Northen Greece, branches in Athens and Crete serve domestic market needs.

The Thessaloniki manufacturing facilities serve manufacturing needs for the entire Greek market as well as exports.


Mexil’s products include furniture manufactured at Mexil’s plant and imported designer furniture manufactured by selected partners in Italy, and all over the world.

Indoor and outdoor collections include a vast variety of chairs, tables, stools, sofas, armchairs, both for home and professional use. More than 80% of Mexil’s clientele are hotels, restaurants, cafe’s & bars, clubs.

Our partners are our clients

Throughout the years Mexil has built strong cooperative bonds and serves the needs of professionals – architects, and interior designers as well as hotel chains, professional catering and entertainment entrepreneurs. New product design, materials R&D, competitive pricing and just in time serving are key everyday activities that aid Mexil in building a solid competitive business profile. Our commitment to the client is to provide them with the correct ‘’tools of the trade’’ – professional, elegant and high quality designer products that satisfy customer needs and justify monetary investments made.

The way we do business

Many years have passed, many people have changed from the early days of the small workshop.
Nowadays the company relies in modern design and advanced manufacturing technology, to meet the demanding challenges of the European & Global market.

Mexil operates in the European Union, and exports products to destinations all over the world.

Continuous capital investments in product design, quality, presales & after sales customer services insure that customer satisfaction will prove to be our future payback.

At Mexil we like to thing that our main competitive advantage is the bond that we create with our customers.

Regardless of whether the client has purchased a family table for home use or an entire product range to equip a hotel, our devotion to the customer remains the same and will be treated with high care by professionals.

This is our promise to our clients, and our bet for our corporate future!

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